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Pleasure - Know ur Shagun / Omen

get indications / feelers of happenings

If you are a beleiver of Shaguns (Omens), this pleasure contains a lot of interesting material for you. If you don't beleive in Shaguns (Omens), this pleasure is immaterial / of no use to you.

Shaguns (Omens) are signals / symptoms allowing or disallowing you for starting a journey, going for a new business, starting new work or going to office etc. Good Omens signal good outcome and bad omens otherwise.

Omes remain changing their nature from time to time. You can wait for a good omen to happen by trying again after some time (around 10~15 minutes).

We don't want to make you orthodox / superstitious, but many people beleive that omens are tentative signals for the coming events.

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