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goodluck4all.com - pleasures of life

Goodluck4all.com is the site hosted by Divya Shakti Info. The site is meaningful for those who believe in the existence of God in any form, i.e. only a theist can be the real beneficiary of this site. With its unique features, the site is prepared to serve the mankind.

It is based on the Astrological Knowledge and Spiritual Power of Shri Ashwani Kumar Sharma, M.A., M.Ed., Distinction Holder, Delhi University, fondly called GURUJI by his followers and devotees. For the last more than three decades Guruji has been serving and healing people around him. The site contains interesting and useful materials for everyone and is meticulously devised to solve all problems of life, mitigate sufferings on one hand and fulfill the desires of everyone on the other hand. See, watch, feel and decide whether the site is beneficial and meaningful for you.

A Step towards Eternity

Thoughts of our Guruji: Even when my mortal remains are over on this Earth, my soul will continue to survive and serve you and also the coming generations for infinite times through this work of mine.

The survival of soul is a firm belief of Hindus as propounded by Lord Krishna in the holy book Bhagwad Gita.

Who is Mortal? (Man).
Who is Immortal? (Soul).