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Get Free Holy Thread (Mouli)

get the sacred wonder thread from Guruji to mitigate problems

Holy Thread - MOULI

Think of gains and attain through the power of Yagya Thread.

A Cure for all sorrows.

Here we are giving you illustration of a thread that can provide you unlimited gains and protection. This is named as MOULI. The thread is prepared in Yagya by Guruji.

The thread contains some knots on its length of string. This is prepared in Yagya (The holy fire) by Guruji and as such the thread contains and carries in abundance the spiritual power of Guruji, which can be experienced implicitly by the user.

Miracles of Holy Thread!!!

We believe this thread to be so. Observe and experience yourself. Our holy thread bestows upon you many blessings including but not limited to the following:

  • Gives you Clear Vision.
  • Provides you freedom from bad thoughts.
  • Provides you peace of mind.
  • Provides freedom from worries and fears.
  • Gives you joys in life.
  • Provides you things of your liking.
  • Provides you victory.
  • Provides freedom from enmity.
  • Provides security of life.
  • Provides rise in position and other fields.
  • Provides you good health.
  • Safety against Odds.
  • Helps cure ailments.

How to wear the Holy Thread?

This thread is wrapped around and tied on your wrist in layers till it allows through its length. It is beleived to give you escorts / security and safety with a lot of protection against odds of daily life.

Men and Unmarried Girls should wear the holy thread on their right hand whereas married women should wear it on the left hand to get the maximum gains.

The ends of the thread are tied with one another in the end with two or three knots, after its layers are over along its length on the wrist. The thread should be wrapped and tied loose on the wrist. Tying the thread on the wrist can be done with the help of someone near and dear to you.

How to Get Benefits from Holy Thread?

While in some great distress, trouble etc., when you need additional releif, you can take any knot of Guruji on it and press it in between your ring finger and thumb of other hand which is likely to give you immediate relief. You can remove the thread as and when you want if you don't like or notice any gains.

When to Replace the Holy Thread?

When the thread goes old and worn or come to a stage of rags or split or is broken, it can be replaced with a new one. After removing it shoud be immersed in some holy water and a new one can be requested for.

How to Get the Holy Thread?

To get this holy thread you have to send a self addressed and stamped envelope (check with local post office for the quantum of stamp required to be affixed). The self addressed envelope and adequately stamped should be sent to our ashram as mentioned below. Please note: We can only accept requests for delivery anywhere within India.

Where to send Request Letter and Envelope?

Devi Sharnam Guru Sthanam
84/14, Utsav Vihar, Karala Village, Delhi.

A Legend...

There goes a Legend that Lord Rama and his three brothers were graced by Yagya performed by Rishi Shringi. This gives an inspirational beleif that the spiritual power behind Yagya is unlimited. The thread prepared for you extends the Yagya Shakti i.e. the Blessings of Yagya to you.