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Fulfilment of Prayer!

get your prayers to God be sent through our Guruji

How to get prayers fulfilled?

This module rests on the belief / saying “A prayer if conceded by Almighty can bring marvellous favourable results” - you can submit your prayer before Guruji who through his Yagya (Yajna) power forwards it for fulfilment. An interesting and easy way to get your desires fulfilled.

Option I: Submit your problem writing in about 200 words taking care not to include below mentioned subjects.

Option II: You can also submit your problem if you want to keep it confidential speaking within you silently focusing on the portrait of Guruji.

Your problem will be placed for solution in the process of Yajna* (the holy fire) which is performed by Guruji every day with the words that the persons around the globe whosoever have prayed for desires / removal of hardships, problems etc. as per acceptable policy according to our yardstick, be acceded to and necessary welfare be conceded to them.

* Yagya (Yajna) is a process in which we do oblation through hyms in praise of GOD / Godess, the almighty, to attain power. Yajna is a holy fire and the power of Yajna, we believe, is utilised for noble cause of human welfare.

Please Note…

Prayers which include the following will not be considered and filtered by Guruji.

The harm of others, Criminal activities, thing etc. Deceit with others, Ill will for others / self, Impossible / bogus work / task / thing or alike. Non-ethical / anti-social thing / matter / task etc. Illegal thing etc. or anything violating / going against the law of the land of the prayerer / etc...

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