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About Us

get a glimpse of our spiritual Guruji

Divya Shakti Info is engaged in getting material on the internet for the needy people. It is owned by Guruji. Guruji is a scholarly person. He has an Ashram, "Devi Sharnam Gurusthanam" at 84/14, Utsav Vihar, Karala, New Delhi 110 081, where Guruji serves all and sundry.

We have three major major devotees of Guruji who are also pleased for hosting this site:

Nemi Chand Kothari

A renowned philanthropist of Jain Community, Mr. Kothari holds the position of chairman of Mahaveer International Society and is an active impressive and energetic member. He is a celebrity of Steel World in Chennai and is known for his word, politeness and charity. His intelligence is ever in vogue among his thousands of followers. Kothari is a great visionary, a proven behaviourist, soft spoken mastering immense treasure of high profile interaction and traditional values of Jain Dharama.

Sanjay Kumar Sharma

A young energetic tycoon of Steel World of Chennai who is also a social high performer and philanthropist. He enjoys the confidence of innumerable members of his Vipra Mahasabha of India of which he is crowned as president. Mr. Sanjay knows no bounds of work and advancement. He is a modern hi-tech person. He rose from powerty to power, materializing the proverb of rising from ranks within a very short peroid of time by dint of his skills, wits, aptitude for newer and newer entrepreunership.

Shriyans Prasad Jain

A well known dynamic staunch devotee of Guruji Ashwani Kumar Sharma, is a well known personality of doing work at grass roots level. He spares much of his time to serve his religious Maharajs as well and is a great adorer of Lord Mahaveera and follower of His dictums especially non-violence. He resides with his family in Delhi and has his own export import business.